One of our best known businessmen,Mr A.E. Clarkson

One of our best-known business
men Mr. A. E. Clarkson (President
of the Chamber of Manufacturers) in his younger days Ernie Clarkson took a big interest in cricket but was more particularly fond of  long walking and outdoor camping. At the present time he has so many large interests to attend to that he does not take an active part in sports although he follows cricket and football with interest, and gives encouragement to bowls. He inaugurated the Clarkson Trophy, to be competed for among the-builders and contractors, and this event is a popular fixture among bowlers. Mr. Clarkson has a son who bids fair to become good cricketer, and plays for PAC and is following in a worthy father’s footsteps. Mr. Clarkson is a sympathetic man, and is deeply interested
in the afflicted deaf and dumb people of the State, and : during the recent visit of a team of mutes from New South Wales, was the leading man in their entertainment. A man of broad outlook, Mr. Clarkson is admired by all sections of the community.
It is a notable fact that his firm never has had industrial troubles, and this is mainly due to the man at the helm, who takes a deep interest in the welfare of his employees. No better tribute can be paid to a man than to say his employees
honor and respect him. The State of South Australia is fortunate in having such men as Mr. Clarkson at the head of its industrial concerns.
Friday 23 July 1926,Australian Christian Commonwealth